WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Tutorial

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin. Make sure to watch in HD full screen for best quality. Brought to you by MateMedia – Your Partner on The Web – matemedia.com. Join us on Facebook at http Join us on Twitter at bit.ly
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25 Responses to WordPress NextGEN Gallery Plugin Tutorial

  1. podoz says:

    @joedml try looking in the toilet after you’ve done a number 2

  2. dalej1 says:

    I have a fresh install of WordPress sql and php are both ver.5, reinstalled it twice, and the plugin simply does NOT create the gallery menu.

    I upladed the plugin files, than created the gallery folder, than added it 777 permissions.

    What could I possibly be doing wrong?

  3. joedml says:

    can’t see shit!

  4. zab42 says:

    Thank you for that. My only problem with this is that the thumbnails created have a black background where there should not be. Once you click on the photo itself, it looks perfect. Can you help? And if I have 2 galleries in the same page they both react when I click on one thumbnail. Can you please help?It is at belizesharks,org/know-your-fish

  5. KezzaBeeApp says:

    wipeoutmedia,com has a great plugin called CSS & JavaScript Toolbox – check it out on their website!!! DOWNLOAD IT FOR FREE

  6. bfcricky says:


  7. Drecksnick says:

    Works now!

  8. skillssaysitall says:

    THANK YOU! whew…I was just about to delete this plugin.

  9. loveleatherfurniture says:

    Thanks. This was just what I needed. Very clear.

  10. th3invisible says:

    thnx it works very well

  11. moreenthimu says:

    Time to stop crying try Naughty women mworld5.info

  12. erilee84 says:

    this great
    my plugin did not create the gallery folder
    probably because of the permissions of the wp-content folder?

  13. OffTheJUICE24 says:

    the plugin automatically creates the gallery folder

  14. idsgraphics says:

    thanks so much, i couldnt find this anywhere and it was soooo easy.

  15. tentmakerproductions says:

    awesome. thank you so much for posting this. so clear and easy to follow.

  16. 4Lv4r0c says:

    hello, do you know how to add a text under the thumbnails? by example, tittle text of picture. Thanks

  17. TheJuzMii says:

    Hey,,In my one,,i dont have the gallery,,,do i have to download or somthing?

  18. deepwatermadshark says:

    Thank you so much. Bummer I didn’t think of looking here sooner– lots of wasted time!

  19. phatfubble says:


  20. drkangl7 says:

    THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  21. MateMedia1 says:

    You’re welcome. Glad it helped.

  22. MateMedia1 says:

    No there is not supposed to be audio.

  23. comedyimpressionist says:

    this is great thank you. I was pulling my hair out trying to make sense of the forums.

  24. jmg7x says:

    This looks great but is there suppose to be audio?

  25. MateMedia1 says:

    You’re welcome. Glad you find our WordPress tutorial helpful

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