up all night normal worry turns to fear and leads to tears.?

Question by : up all night normal worry turns to fear and leads to tears.?
i might have GAD…I admitt its no picnic. Its a flood of emotions that I used to put into music, but that became depressing so I stopped. Now , I’m at a crossroad – pick it up and play or take the pills to help me at night night time. I don’t want either to be honest, that’s how I started blogging. I was fearful of terrorism, I blogged my opinions on the war. I was fearful of loosing loved ones again, I write but what’s interesting – is reading it the next morning. Writing from feeling is like playing music, its not all the same note. The more words you put on the paper the smoother the melody to sooth the mood. Its a coping mechanism, with a double edge sword.. which would be the lesser of two evils continue with typical cognitive techniques or take a pill and order it from Europe online?

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Answer by Trey
Just start praying to God

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