Charlie Bit Me*remix* Autotune DOWNLOAD LINK! ringtone & mp3

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25 Responses to Charlie Bit Me*remix* Autotune DOWNLOAD LINK! ringtone & mp3

  1. MeGaBoYcHaZ says:

    that is so coool

  2. Esmeeponys says:

    the next justin bieber

  3. Yzacata says:

    @mydoom122 Obvious Troll is Obvious.

  4. ARABER6STYLE says:


  5. lovelifeforever202 says:

    the KFC guy is racist.

  6. BluntMedia says:

    Listen to this it will make you smile

    Stick it where the sun don’t shine


  7. zigg30 says:

    wow awsome this is is the souon that is fills famillyor

  8. abrahamminky says:

    wow thats amazing

  9. abrahamminky says:


  10. abrahamminky says:


  11. allapollo1 says:

    wow now i got a new ringtone:D

  12. TheShakira42 says:

    so amazing

  13. JulzisCoolz9 says:


  14. purpleluv291 says:

    Aww soo cute n cool!!!!

  15. ntandomchunu says:


  16. samkic19966 says:

    i broke the replay button z0mg

  17. tijgeroog1998 says:

    they made it look like a real singing voice Must be nice program they use

  18. lyskosylwester says:

    Charlie bite but it does not bite and you can easily earn money ! Wach this

  19. ShellyM2000 says:


  20. moora97 says:

    charlie made 40 acounts and disliked this

  21. beautifultragedies1 says:

    39 people have no fingers cuss charlie bit them off :)

  22. dudiidudao says:

    chuckar chalie bit me

  23. dudiidudao says:

    bit me

  24. xXFlashStarXx says:

    0:14 Geilste eiih *–*
    Best *–*

  25. lynnvermeulen says:

    Verry fun clip

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