Blogs as modern online business tool for making money? How to making money with blogging?

Question by : Blogs as modern online business tool for making money? How to making money with blogging?
Having unsuccessfully tried to make some money out of blogging before, now I am seeking your expert guidance and instructions on how exactly to set up a blog. Here I specifically mean the exact instructions on selecting the right keywords, how to set up the AdSense ads the right way, content, html linking, tagging and all the basic SEO techniques necessary for me to start making some money.
Well, I believe that the only reason why I didn’t make any money before is obviously because I haven’t done some of the above mentioned things properly.
Many Thanks.

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Answer by Matt L
Do not over complicate things when it comes to blogging. Their are really just three keys that you need to focus on in order to make money blogging.

1. Use article marketing to drive traffic to your blog. You can write articles at it is the worlds leading online article submission site, and if you write 3 quality articles per day you should begin to drive more traffic to your website.

2. Update your blog content every week. Do not leave old content on your page as the search engine spiders crave new content. Information is growing exponentially on the internet so you must provide relevant and up to date content for your readers.

3. Learn how to do some basic HTML editing. Their is actually code you can add to your site that will automatically put money in your pocket.

You can find more information on it here:

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